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Project Based Services

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We have been asked to help practices with various projects. Here is some things we have done. We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, whatever your struggles are.

1. Insurance fee schedules set-up and data entry: We contact all the insurance companies on your behalf and enter the fees in your practice management system. We also help your team train how to attach these fees to your patient accounts and guide you through the transition. This is an important time consuming task that improves your treatment planning and helps you draft accurate financial agreements with patients so that you can collect their portion accurately before you proceed with treatment. The benefit of this is that you will improve your patient billing and increase your cashflow. many offices do not have the fees set-up properly which creates many billing struggles.

2. Specific Insurance struggles: Example: Delta Dental checks sent to patients recovery, specific insurance holds out payment on claims, specific insurance claims that they are not receiving claims event hough they are electronically filed etc

3. Incorrect Write-offs generated errors in billing and patient accounts

4. Wrong provider billed for a year

We dive in and investigate on your behalf the source of the problem, propose a solution, and fix the solution. This takes manpower and expertise but negatively impacts your cashflow and payroll if you have to hire dedicated people. 

Please call us for a custom quote to manage your project.