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Dental Billing Company-Dental Claims Cleanup®, LLC experience, expertise, excellence

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Dental Billing Services

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Claims Management: Follow-up on all unresolved claims in over 30 days aging, claim correction, resubmission, narrative letters & appeals $1500/month

Billing Insurance: Daily e-claims review, errors correction, & submission within 24 hours of the date of service, narratives submission, attachments drafted $400/month

Patient Balances: Aging over 30 days: research, collection calls after EOB/ETFs entry to recover remaining balance $1500/month

Statements: Aging patient balances statements and overdue letters, accounts management up to collection agency processing (postage charged to the client) $1500/month

Bi-Weekly reporting on progress with owner

Enter Payments: insurance payments from EOBs, EFTs, & patient payments within 48 hours of scanning $1000/month

Benefits Verification: Eligibility, full plan breakdown in your system for new and emergency patients, and updating changes to existing accounts starting at $1440/month

Collection Agency Process: submission to a collection agency, and overseeing funds recovery and litigation (collection agency fees charged to the client) with

Results! Dental Collection Services or client's choice of a collection agency. Fees are based on a % of the collection.

Practice Analysis: Analysis of your current billing systems, accounts receivable reports, and team's performance. Report on trends and a plan proposal to improve your office. $450

Phone Support for dental billing (ALL plans): claims processing, financial practice management forms, and systems, general dental billing questions, accounts receivable management guidance (15-minute increments, limit one phone call per day) $100/month

Bundled Service Plans

  • Tier 1-E-claims and claims management $1600
  • Tier 2- E-claims, claims management, EOB entry, patient balances $3,000
  • Tier 3-E-claims, claims management, EOB entry, patient balances, and benefits verification $4,400


 within 24 hours

Additional Information about our Dental Billing Services

1. DCC will take initiative to analyze and restructure your dental operation to optimize the manpower at the office. Our intent is not to terminate employment but instead, propose systems to increase the efficiency and productivity of your operation. For instance, this may include a proposal to utilize your employee handling the accounts currently in an accelerated hygiene system to increase hygiene production. Accelerated hygiene will immediately increase production and create the potential for increased treatment revenue.

2. Goal is to have no more than $3000-5000 in unresolved claims in over 30 days and no more than $1500 inpatient balances per $80,000 monthly production. All efforts will be made to reach that goal in less than 6 months.

3. All contracts are on a month-to-month basis and can be terminated by either party within 30 days of notice.

4. Our company operates in the background of your existing operation and does not interfere with your existing daily operation. Changes by DCC to client's software data is limited only to information dealing with accounts and billing of patient or insurance. We do not code for the provider and the provider is responsible for reviewing and posting procedures performed daily. DCC is responsible for the dental billing of posted transactions.

5. We currently only work with offices that are digital in dental software, billing, and have digital radiography and digital intra-oral photography necessary for e-claims approval. We will engage in a contract with non-digital offices after the proposed technology is integrated, and we will oversee the technology setup upon request. We provide a free evaluation of your current technology and will suggest changes and companies work with.

(example: changing your current phone system to voice-over-internet service saves you on your monthly phone bill and allows you to track phone calls and has other important features you are missing out on. These technologies in turn allow DCC to be more efficient in what we need to do for you)

6. Some offices hire us to jump in and help out their existing team come out from falling behind in working insurance claims and patient accounts, while other offices utilize us as their entire billing department., yet others use us for training. We have so much to offer and can help on many levels.

7. Payment is due on the anniversary day of every month and the service contract can be terminated by either party with 30 days notice. Payments can be pre-authorized by the auto charge of the credit card on file.

8. Dental Billing Phone Support Service is a service for your team to call us with questions, account setups, help you resolve billing issues, advise in billing situations, or dealing with insurances and claim issues. It also includes up to 10 insurance phone calls on your behalf. For instance, if you have unresolved claims that you can not get to, you can provide us with the list, we will call the insurances for you and provide you with a report of claim status. From there you can correct your system and resolve the claim issues which may include unreceived claims, wrong demographics, procedure issues, incorrect insurance setup just to name a few. This allows your team to catch up on some of these outstanding claims and avoid time on the phone.

9. Benefits Verification Service Information:

We will verify active coverage on all patients coming in for hygiene appointments to ensure they have active coverage and no plan changes with electronic eligibility or phone call if electronic eligibility is not available. Electronic eligibility provides confirmation that the patient has active coverage and some plan breakdown of benefits. To obtain a complete breakdown of plans account specialists will call the insurance companies and record findings on a benefits verification sheet for new patients, some emergency patients, and new insurances for existing patient accounts. All changes are entered and corrected in the client’s patient management system. We also verify all new patients with a complete breakdown, recorded on a client’s benefits verification sheet, that includes custom questions specific to the client’s needs or the client may choose to use DCC’s benefits verification sheet. The benefits verification sheet is designed to obtain plan-specific information on frequencies, coverage on specific codes, exclusions, and limitations. We start the verification process 3 days prior to the patient’s appointment.  Same-day verification is available with a 20-minute response window. The base service monthly base fee includes 50 benefit verification sheets per month and a charge of $10 per sheet for any benefits verification sheets exceeding. DCC and the account specialists are responsible to update existing patient’s accounts, set up new insurance plans, and will scan the benefits verification sheet to the patient’s digital chart in the client’s requested place. We will need a 2nd designated workstation so that we can be efficient with our productivity. NOTE: Specialty offices, extensive detailed benefits breakdown requests, or offices that require medical and dental breakdowns for each patient are $15/full benefits verification above the base.

10. Aging patient balances management: DCC has developed a very effective patient balances in-house collection process. We start the collections process with 30 days aging balances.  In addition, we send the first statement if there is a balance left for the patient to pay after we enter the insurance check and close the claim. Our process includes 2 statements, an overdue letter, and a final demand letter that all have a 10 days response request and are sent 3 weeks apart.  It is a consistent and timely process with accounts ready for the collection agency within 3 months.  We forward the accounts to Results! Dental Collection Agency and work with them to recover the money. The collection agency fee or litigation fee is a percentage of the recovered debt but can be charged to the patient if the financial agreement allows collecting the fee from the patient.  With our service money should be recovered within 60 days and should not reach 90 days.

Please contact us regarding your service plan proposal and any other questions.

Dental Claims Cleanup, LLC

1810 Erie Blvd.

Syracuse, NY. 13210