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National Dental Billing & Business Management Services

Dental Claims Cleanup®, LLC is a national dental billing service with expertise, experience, excellence servicing our dental community for over 15 years. Our dental billing service improves your cash flow giving you more time with your patients. Get paid on unresolved dental insurance claims & overdue patient balances! Let us work in the background, free up your team for live operations, and allow your team to spend more time with your patients.

Service Founded by a Dentist, for a Dentist

Dr. Dorothy Kassab, Founder & CEO

A DDS knows what a DDS wants

When you know something is off with the billing because of the numbers on your report and the low cash flow into your bank account, but you don't really know what it is, why, and how to fix it. Our investigation will provide in-depth information that will help you and your practice make crucial business decisions that will benefit you with or without our service.

Let's begin the discovery phase to ensure you have a solid brand reputation and online presence. Don't try to navigate alone. Ensure your marketing dollars are placed to maximize your greatest return and your business development plan is focused on patient retention and loyalty. 

The planning of the transition of a dental practice is often pushed to the back burner year after year. Now's the time to begin planning for your succession. Whether you prefer a long-term transition or you're ready to sell today, our team is prepared and ready to help meet your goals.


10 Fundamental Steps of the Dental Billing Process

Dental Billing Academy Course Objectives

This is not a coding class. The inefficiency of dental billing comes from a lack of understanding of the most efficient process of dental billing to ensure patient collections and claims processing in the shortest period of time. Successful completion of the course will engage the student in our Dental Claims Cleanup client match for a remotes dental billing contract. Students must show proficiency 

of 80% or above.

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Management Training Programs available for Managers, DSO CEOs, and Dentists