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Our dental billing service improves your cash flow & gives you more time with your patients.

Dental Claims Cleanup®, LLC

a dental billing service with 

expertise, experience, excellence

founded by 

Dorothy Kassab, DDS

a DDS knows what a DDS wants


Dental Billing Training & Medical Billing Training Seminar Series

November 6, 2019: Dental Coding for Accuracy & Maximizing Benefits

$150 pp/webinar/1 hr/at 6 pm EST

November 13, 2019: Dental Billing for Oral Surgery Specialty
$100 pp/webinar/1 hr/at 6 pm EST 

November 20, 2019:Dental Billing for Orthodontic Specialty
$100 pp/webinar/1 hr/at 6 pm EST

Dental Billing Services
Our national dental billing company provides comprehensive dental billing services

Dental Claims Support service

Claims Management 

dental insurance claims

Dental Claims Specialists service

Patient Balances 

patient statements

Dental claims billing service=quality, service, reliability

EOB/EFT Accounting

insurance payments 

Dental Claims and patient collections sent to Results! Dental Collection Services

Results! Collection Service

effective funds recoupment by our legal recovery of delinquent accounts, when patient do not respond to your statements and collection efforts 

Dental Claims Service gets the dental claims paid and works with the insurances to help the Dentists

Electronic Claim Submission

daily e-claims submission and ERA management, we ensure claims go out clean and result in fast reimbursement

Dental Claims Service can also help you fill your schedule

Schedule Management

stop productivity loss due to an empty schedule, we work your recare reports and reactivate patients to fill your schedule 

Dental Claims Service can help you with fee negotiations

UCR Analysis &
Fee Negotiations

analysis of your fees and negotiation with insurances to increase your reimbursement

Dental Claims billing service works on your dental claims to get them paid

Medical Billing 

medical billing of dental procedures

Dental Claims billing service works on your medical billing billing dental procedures

Benefits Verification

eligibility & insurance benefits verification

Dental Claims billing service works together with your team

Manager Training

manager training of dental office operations

Dental Claims billing company works consistently


provider signup for insurances

Dental Claims billing service works together with your team

 Administration Transition in dental office sales

business transition from owner to buyer

Dental Claims billing service works together with your team

Dental CEO training

multi-practice owner training


Monthly service fee is based on a volume of 250 claims per month. Service fee will be  prorated based on the individual practice claim volume.

We charge flat rate service fees. Our clients are safe. Charging a % of collection, by billing companies, has been determined to be fee splitting and illegal.  In February 2017, Medicaid has requested refunds from providers across the nation that pay billing companies a % of collections. Other insurance carriers most likely will follow. Read Article


We take your worries AWAY

A Message to My Colleagues
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dental claims company-we help take your worries away
dental billing helps Dentists

In-house dental billing is a thing of the past.  Be cost effective, efficient, and productive by outsourcing your dental billing.

Dental Billing Company CEO-Dr. Dorothy Kassab

Where is your money?
Get Paid
on unresolved dental insurance claims 
overdue patient balances!


Dental Claims Cleanup, a dental billing Company, that provides results with dental billing and is owned by a Dentist who understands your struggles.  

All of our dental billing company systems and protocols have worked for our successful offices for years.  Now the same systems can benefit my colleagues.  We are a complete dental billing service eliminating your dental billing problems.  Our team will take your accounts receivable and move it directly into your bank account!  The fact is that your team might be wonderful and skilled, but they don't have time to chase insurances and patients for payments.  The other fact is that accounts receivable need to be worked consistently.  Most dental practices do not have the manpower to stay on top of the ever-rising accounts receivable.   This in turn leaves you unpaid.  There are many reasons why accounts receivables gets out of control.   Here are just a few: patient insurance billing setup is incorrect; employees do not understand insurance setup; no supporting documentation submitted; patient's demographics are incorrect; employees' lack of time or motivation; uncollected co-pays at time of service; insurance companies communicating that they did not receive claims; and an unsupervised financial department.  Since the employees fix their own mistakes, when claims are inaccurate, or patients balances were uncollected at time of service, dentists are unaware of the true problem unless they dive deep and research themselves why balances and claims are unresolved.  

That's where we come in.  For a monthly service fee, we log into your practice management system and accurately bill insurance and patients for procedures performed daily.  We also take over remotely your unresolved, aging accounts.  As we work your accounts, problems become transparent.  We evaluate and diagnose what the problems are, and as we resolve your accounts receivables, we suggest, train, and implement systems to improve your financial department and your financial situation.  We are different than any other dental billing company, dental billing service, or dental consulting group.  Others train, but they do not necessarily fix the problem and get you paid.  So after training you are on your own, and unfortunately, there is no one to oversee and make sure things are accurate.  Our weekly reporting tells you exactly what we have accomplished and where you are with your individual situation.  We have Dentists on team to review the claims, aid in drafting narratives and appeals, and advise on clinical situations and billing.  The medical community has been using outsourced medical billing companies for years.  Now, it's available for Dentists. Call today to find out more about our service and setup an evaluation.  Schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.  

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