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Next Dental Billing Academy: 7/11/22

Registration is now open for our fall academy: 9/12/22

4-Week Course Overview:

Business Systems
Orientation to Dental Knowledge (a brief overview of the mouth, teeth numbering, surfaces of the teeth, reading x-rays etc.)
Dental Insurance Terminology
10 Steps of Dental Billing
Benefits Verification
Claim Submission
Outstanding Claims Management
Explanation of Benefits
Patient Balance Management
Hands on practice for all steps in dental billing 

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Dr. Dorothy Kassab Introduces Dental Billing Academy

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Dental Billing Academy Course Selection

Invest In Your Career and Your Future

Effective Dental Billing

Dental Billing Academy

Dental Billing Academy Course Objectives            

Train the detail of the 10 Fundamental Steps of the Dental Billing Process. This is not a coding class. The inefficiency of dental billing comes from a lack of understanding of the most efficient process of dental billing to ensure patient collections and claims processing in the shortest period of time. Successful completion of the course will engage the student in our Dental Claims Cleanup client match for a remotes dental billing contract. Students must show proficiency of 80% or above. Students that are working for an office will qualify for the ongoing Dental Billing Supervision Program for the office. Need 2 computer monitors.

Dental Billing 4-week course: The Effective Dental Billing Process (e-claims, claims management, EOB/EFT accounting, patient balances management, collections) $4000, 4 weeks course, full time, hands-on online attendance, one on one sessions with supervisors, group sessions, and independent work assignments (40 hours per week, 8-5 pm, Mon-Fri)

Dental Billing 8-week course: The Effective Dental Billing Process (e-claims, claims management, EOB/EFT accounting, patient balances management, collections) $4000, 8 weeks course, part-time, hands-on online attendance, one on one sessions with supervisors, group sessions, and independent work assignments

Individual Modules for Retraining of the Office Team                                                                      

  • e-claims submission module, $700, 2 hrs daily, (4 weeks). You will learn all about clean claim submission, necessary attachments per ADA codes, drafting narratives with claims or reversing denials with appeals, working the ERA rejections report, and understanding recreating claims vs resubmission
  • claims management module $1500, 16 hrs weekly, (4-weeks), at least 4-6 hours has to be during open insurance working hours.  You will learn about weekly reporting, identifying and categorizing trends and the true reason to make effective corrections, navigating the web portals (including medical claims Availity), escalating the call to insurance, effective call with insurance representatives, dealing with claim examiners, and peer-to-peer reviews, drafting templated narratives and appeals for denial reversals.
  • EOB/EFT accounting module, $1500, 8 hrs weekly, (4-weeks). You will learn how to read the explanation of benefits, obtaining EFTs from web portals, and develop a schedule of insurance EFT drop dates, e-service ERA (electronic remittance advice) EOB reports, accurate accounting into software, managing dual insurance submission, dual insurance accounting, and accurate write-offs from UCR to PPO in-network provider fee schedule and allowable fees. 
  • patient balances management module, $1500, 10 hrs weekly (4-weeks). You will learn running reports, ledger audit, review of EOB entry for accuracy and write-offs, determining the accurate patient balance, and learn effective patient statements and a collection system, collection calls, financial agreements, and setup of orthodontic and patient payment plans.  You will learn various patient financing options and how to manage accounts set up for patients and processing payments.
  • the collections service module, $400, 1 hr weekly.  You will learn to identify accounts that need to go to the collection agency, review what documents to send, review the office financial agreement and needed elements to be able to successfully charge the patient for the debt recovery fees so the office gets 100% of the patient balance owed.  You will review collection calls, which agencies to work with, accepting settlement agreements, and learn what other payment options are available.

Management Training Programs: for Managers, DSO CEOs, and Dentists

  • Dental Business Management and Operations: $3000 4 weeks (16 hrs per week) hands-on, online with supervisors and group sessions
  • CEO Level: $3000 4 week course (5 hrs weekly). hands-on, for Dentists CEOs, DSOs CEO/COO, and Dental office Managers. The training is online with supervisors, and sessions with Dr. Dorothy Kassab
  • Dental Office Manager Training: $4500 3 days, or $1500/day on-site in Syracuse NY.  The goal of the training is to provide solutions to individual dental office problems. 3 days hands-on program for managers to provide solutions to their current struggles.  Training includes in-office observation of live dental office operations and didactic review of the Dental Office Business Systems and Protocols Manual developed by Dental Claims Cleanup. Pre-training discussions identify gaps in your current operation. Our training focuses on proposed solutions to those problems and a concise implementation agenda that allows for immediate execution. Call us today to find out about our next session at 800-652-3431.

    Check out topics we cover under training & consulting. CLICK HERE for the course schedule and thorough course description.

Electronic claims, claims management, EOB/EFT accounting, patient balances management, and collections

Effective funds recoupment by our legal recovery of delinquent accounts, when patient do not respond to your statements and collection efforts.

Worried about your team's effectiveness? We can supervise your billing team and provide ongoing reporting and feedback.