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Ongoing Dental Billing Supervision Service 

Worried about your team's effectiveness? 

We can supervise your billing team and provide ongoing reporting and feedback. We start the process with a 2-day paradigm shift of excellence in dental billing and a thorough review of the 10 Step Fundamentals of the Dental Billing Process.  Your team will be reporting right into our databases and the work will be reviewed by our exports providing you with reports and bi-weekly meetings.  Continuous accountability will make your team shine and will bring out the best in them.  They will learn even more with the ongoing coaching and training bringing them closer and closer to effectiveness week after week.

$850/month 1st employee and $250/month for each additional employee

($450 practice analysis requirement-see below for description)

Practice Analysis

When you know something is off with the billing because of the numbers on your report and the low cash flow into your bank account, but you don't really know what it is, why, and how to fix it.

Our investigation will provide in-depth information that will help you and your practice make crucial business decisions that will benefit you with or without our service. From the information about the trends occurring in your practice, you will know the team's performance and their gaps. You have the choice at that time to go to them and retrain them, redirect them, move them to a different position, or put in place new systems that prevent the issues from continuing to happen. As a result, you will be able to take control of your practice and increase the cash flow. If we identify in the investigation that you feel our service is indicated you can make that choice and we can start service within a few business days. 

The practice analysis will reveal which services are necessary. Below is the description of the practice analysis:  

  • Investigation of the accounts receivable. DCC will perform the following
    • Complete review and reporting on 40-50 overdue patients’ balances. The reporting includes a source of the problem that generated the balances, billing process execution on the balance, follow-up and/or lack of. Examples: incorrect treatment estimation, lack of clear financial agreement, lack of collection at the time of service.
    • Complete review and reporting on 40-50 unresolved insurance claims. The reporting includes the source of the problem that resulted in an outstanding claim. Examples: wrong patient demographics, lack of narratives, expired claim term due to lack of follow-up, verification issues such as reached annual maximum, plan specific clauses and exclusions, lack of daily claim submission. DCC calls on every insurance claim to provide accurate reporting.
    • Review of current billing system including the following
  • Patient data gathering and data entry/accounts setup
  • Treatment plan estimation
  • Financial agreements drafting and execution
  • The collection at the time of service
  • Daily insurance claim submission
  • Insurance claims follow-up
  • Narratives submission and coding issues
  • EOB entry issues
  • Patient balances collection systems
  • Patient balances follow-up

Practice Analysis Cost: $450