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Benefits Verification Service

Startup Plan

Gives you verification of eligibility for all patients in the schedule, providing you with active or not active coverage.

Basic Plan

Gives you verification of eligibility for all patients in the schedule, providing you with active or not active coverage plus up to 6 full benefits breakdowns per day and entry into the dental software. (based on a 4 day work week, prorated for additional working days) 


You can choose to have add on full benefits verifications AFTER we verified the schedule.   

You can call us with an add-on patient in the office to obtain same day verification with a 20 minute response window.

Service Description                                                              

1. eligibility of active coverage for all hygiene patients

2. full benefits breakdown on new patients, emergency patients, or new insurance on existing patients (6 per day or 96 per month, then $10/each)

3. SAME DAY ADD ONs verification with 20 minute response

4. use custom benefits verification questionnaire or our questionnaire (unique to Dental Claims Cleanup) 

5. setup of insurance plan and patient's benefits breakdown in your software (unique to Dental Claims Cleanup) 

6. service requires signup for ClaimX eligibility software for $18 per month

We will verify active coverage on all patients coming in for hygiene appointments to ensure they have active coverage and no plan changes with electronic eligibility or phone call if electronic eligibility is not available. Electronic eligibility provides confirmation that the patient has active coverage and some plan breakdown of benefits. To obtain complete breakdown of plans, account specialists will call the insurance companies and record findings on a benefits verification sheet for new patients, some emergency patients, and new insurances for existing patient accounts. All changes are entered and corrected in client’s patient management system. We also verify all new patients with a complete breakdown, recorded on a client’s benefits verification sheet, that includes custom questions specific to the client’s needs or the client may choose to use DCC’s benefits verification sheet. The benefits verification sheet is designed to obtain plan specific information on frequencies, coverage on specific codes, exclusions, and limitations. We start the verification process 3 days prior to patient’s appointment. Once the schedule is verified you can still add patients to be verified and the ADD Ons will be charged at additional pricing.   The same day verification cut off submission time is 4PM EST.

We ask that you email the Benefit Verification Form back to us with the top portion completed. We will verify the patient and respond to your email. For New Patients, Existing Patient Account New Insurance, or Emergency Patients same day verification is available with a 20 minute response window for an additional fee. The client will call DCC to notify of the rapid response verification. All emergency patients are verified with electronic services (if they came in for hygiene within 6 months) and with a phone call (if they did not come in for hygiene within 6 months and if their insurance is not linked with e-services verification). The service monthly base fee includes 6 benefits verification sheets per day (based on a typical 4 day working week) and a charge of $10 per sheet for any benefits verification sheets exceeding the daily 6. DCC will be responsible for tracking and providing the client with documentation of patient names and dates of benefits verification sheets provided for the client on a monthly basis with their monthly invoice emailed to client. DCC and the account specialists are responsible to update existing patient’s accounts, setup new insurance plans, and will scan the benefits verification sheet to patient’s digital chart in client’s requested place. We will need a 2nd designated workstation so that we can be efficient with our productivity.