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Schedule Management Services


Schedule Management Program Starts at $1,400

The daily schedule is a prediction of our paycheck. Appointments must be confirmed daily to ensure that patient's show up. However, the confirmation is just the final reminder that the patient has made the appointment. The guarantee that the patient shows up occurs at the treatment acceptance and when the appointment is made. But appointments fallout is part of the dental business and human nature. What are some tools that can help manage the fallout? The best tool is to keep a short call list of patients with the flexibility to come in for appointments. The other tool is to work your unscheduled treatment lists and unscheduled recare list. Those lists should be printed weekly, and managed in its entirety weekly, then reprinted. Notes should be made in the patient account about contacts made to schedule appointments. These lists need to be consistently worked. Lastly, review the schedule and see who in the Doctor's schedule needs a hygiene visit that could be slid over to the hygiene schedule. In addition, check what patients in the hygiene column have outstanding treatment and could stay for treatment with the Doctor, after or before their hygiene visit. If your need help with your schedule management you can outsource this task to Dental Claims Cleanup. The service will include:

  • Daily Schedule Confirmations
  • Hygiene Reactivation
  • Unscheduled Treatment Management 

Independent patient communication service will be required such as Weave, SolutionReach, Lighthouse etc. Service fee is based on a one provider and 2 hygienist operation (4 column schedule, 5 days week, 8 hrs per day). The fee will be prorated for larger operations.

Hygiene Reactivation Service Start at $700

If you are looking to improve your hygiene schedule or adding another hygienist, we can help you with your hygiene reactivation. Our program includes many levels based on your volume of unscheduled hygiene patients. Our team will manage your patient pool and cleanup your charts. We start by calling ALL unscheduled hygiene patients. We work the patients in groups of 250 per week. Once the first phone call is placed we follow-up in one week again if the patient did not schedule. We use all means to contact patients, starting with a phone call, text or e-mail, depending what contact information you have available for the patient. We keep working the list cleaning up your patient pool to active status. In addition, we run reports daily and add any new patients that are due. Therefore, your overdue hygiene recall program becomes up to date. Because our team is knowledgeable in dentistry, they understand what the patients need to be scheduled for. We follow specific criteria for scheduling. Patients who have not been in for 2 years are scheduled for an initial comprehensive exam, FMX, and cleaning. Patients who had scaling and root planing in the past and period maintenance are scheduled for 3 months period maintenance, 7-8 vertical bitewings (unless they were done within 1 year). Patients overdue for 6 months hygiene are scheduled for exam, prophy, and bitewings unless bitewings were done within 1 year. Our team is trained with proper communication for patient acceptance of proposed appointment to ensure patients show up. We keep track of the original patient list that was over due. Once the original list is finished, (usually 4-6 months time frame) your unscheduled hygiene recall system will be current and need to be worked everyday or it will grow. During our program, we inactivate patients that no longer are active and your patient base is left with active patients only. We either hand over the system to your team or you can hire us for maintenance. You will receive an EXEL spreadsheet bi-weekly reporting on the work and results. If you need manpower to get this job done, in a secure HIPAA compliant environment, working right out of your practice management
system, we are the answer.

Unscheduled Treatment Management Starts at $700

If you need help filling the Dentist's schedule or are incorporating an associate and need to build their schedule, Dental Claims Cleanup can help by managing your unscheduled treatment lists. We will run the report weekly and call patients that have outstanding treatment. We will review the financial agreements and estimates presented to patients and follow your clinically established phases or appointment sequence. We will also provide the patients with their estimated portion for the appointment if you configured that in your estimate. We can inform patients of any special promotions you might be running for the treatment selected. The service fee includes 1 hour of calling on treatment per day 5 days per week. Fee can be prorated for larger reports, larger practices, or based on client's requests.