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Dental Billing Seminar Series
Do it Like the Experts

October 2019

Fundamentals of Dental Billing
$50 pp
1 Hour Webinar

Review of all the components of dental billing including daily tasks, frequency, and tips and tricks of getting claims paid and patient balances management.  Great course for Dentists new to the dental billing to understand teams' responsibilities and tasks needed to successfully bill the insurance.  Great course for team members struggling to manage all the dental billing tasks in addition to other tasks in the office. "A must" course for new members to the dental world. 

Narratives that turn into Cash
$50 pp
1 Hour Webinar

Fundamental course for team members struggling with interpretations of clinical data and formulating letters of medical necessity.  There are key words that the claim examiners are looking for to support medical necessity.  The course includes templates of letters for general dentistry, specialties, and medical billing.  Also, we will cover alternate benefits, peer-to peer meetings, appeals management, and escalation to supervisors.  We will equip your team to fight the dental insurances.

      Successful Case Closing:               Treatment Plan Estimations               Financial Presentations
                         $50 pp
                  1 Hour webinar

Training of team members and Dentists to present the treatment plans and the financial agreements in a successful way to result in case closure, scheduling of the appointments, and pre-payments. 

Review of the insurance fee schedules, benefits verification, financing, and the art of sales, specific to the Dental field, and closing cases based on value, fear, time, and money.

November 2019

Dental Coding for Accuracy & Maximizing Benefits

$150 pp

1 Hour Webinar

The insurance companies found creative ways to design plans and use tactics to minimize the payout on claims.  We will review all the plan specific exclusions, frequencies, bundling, and train you how to code to maximize the benefits and yet reflect accurately what you did clinically to prevent errors and avoid fraud.  

Medical Billing

$100 pp

1 Hour Webinar
Each specialty requires unique dental billing knowledge and has their own struggles.  We will review the dental coding, required supporting documentation, templates for oral surgery narratives, cross coding to medical to provide knowledge for successful billing in the area of oral surgery.  You will learn benefits verification specific to oral surgery and medical billing for oral surgery, which is the key component to getting claims paid.

Dental Billing for 

Orthodontic Specialty

$100 pp

1 Hour Webinar
Each specialty requires unique dental billing knowledge and has their own struggles.  In orthodontics, due to the length of the treatment, the insurance plans are designed to pay out differently than for general dentistry claims. The insurances rarely pay the entire benefit out at one time and the payout is over time requiring periodic billing and monitoring of each account.  You will learn setting up periodic insurance billing, benefits verification for orthodontic cases to be able to set up the plans and claims, as well as, patient balances budget plans and financing.  Learn how it works and how to do it like the experts.

Medical Billing Training Seminars

Medical Billing for a dental office


online training


4 hrs

Fridays 8am-12pm EST

please call for next available spot

Every office needs this medical billing training.  As the Dental Industry landscape is changing,  and we are following the Medical Industry fall to the insurances, we are forced to use ICD-10 diagnostic codes, the CMS 1500 FORM, and CPT codes.  If your team is not versed in medical billing, they will compromise your reimbursement.  As a new tactic to stall payout on claims, the dental insurances now require certain claims to go to the patient's medical insurance for claim benefit consideration.  Therefore, whether we want to or not, we need to send the claims to the medical insurance.  The dental insurance company, WILL NOT, pay on the claim until they receive a medical EOB determination. This is a one-on-one course with your team member that will prepare your team and train them to successfully send cases to medical insurance.

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