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Dental Claims Cleanup®, Reviews

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I want to tremendously thank Dr. Dorothy Kassab and her staff at Dental Claims Cleanup for doing an incredible job for our dental practice, and would highly recommend her company to my dentist colleagues.

My severe problems were out of control Accounts Receivables from insurance companies, and not knowing why our insurance claims were not being paid. I was totally frustrated and very stressed out. Why was this happening and what were the errors being made? Was it the staff? Was it the insurance

companies playing hardball? I had no clue.

I wanted some way to "dig deep", to find out what was causing this and to correct it. Dental Claims Cleanup did "dig deep". At first I was unfairly angry at my staff, but I realized "they did not know what they did not know" and my staff cares deeply, and wants to do a good job for me. They were justifiably very frustrated having to sit on the phone for hours with these insurance companies trying to collect unpaid claims.

Dr. Kassab and her staff know what they are doing. Dr. Kassab is an incredibly knowledgeable, energetic and motivated individual and a rare dentist who excels in the business aspect of dentistry. For my non-business person self, this was a perfect fit.

Thanks to Dental Claims Cleanup, our front desk is set up 1000% better to efficiently send dental claims. The insurance companies are paying us faster than ever before, sometimes within two weeks. Dental Claims Cleanup monitors the claims process from beginning to end. It is a partnership between our staff and their staff.

The bottom line is long overdue Dental Claims are being addressed and we are being paid. Our cash flow continues to be improving significantly. Errors and mistakes made in the past at the beginning of the Claims process which had often delayed claims many months, are now under control. All of this is monitored by Dental Claims Cleanup. My staff and I are getting along much better, because we all really needed the knowledge, expertise, and the systems and methods in place that Dental Claims Cleanup provides.

I have known Dr. Kassab for over 20 years and one gets to know what someone is really like when you know them for that many years .........Dr. Kassab has always been professional, ethical, very,very caring, and motivated about the business aspects of dentistry in a way satisfying to the staff, the patients, and the doctor. Win/Win/Win for everyone.

I just wish I had her energy. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dorothy Kassab and her Dental Claims Cleanup staff.

Mark Oberferst DDS

Very Gentle Dental, Fayetteville, NY