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Out-Of-Net Transition Service-$2500 

Description of our service below


There are several ways to venture your practice OUT-Of-NETwork.  Each modality has a different strategy and depends on demographics, your current operations, and your current business practice.  It also depends on your comfort level as the transition has a financial impact and potential risks associated with it.  The goal of our service is to minimize the risks associated with this transition by using tried and true out-of-network phase-out transition modalities and strategies.

Proposal & Strategy

Once we identify which modality we will use, we will follow the best tried and true proven strategy for that modality for best success to minimize patient loss, revenue loss, reputation tainting, and/or negative reviews.

Supporting Items Implementation

Going out of the network has legal implications, and contractual liabilities, from malpractice as well as financial standpoint.  There are things to think about that you will need to make decisions about and implement to avoid problems with your patients.  We will provide you with guidance, forms, software edit, billing edits, process & systems modifications, scripting, patient letters, new patient acquisition, same insurance patient targeting and retargeting, financial agreement, checklist, and items to review, systems, timelines, and projections.  You will receive everything you need to implement to ensure you will properly transition to out-of-network properly and profitably.

Team Training & Execution

Your team will be faced with questions from patients, new tasks, and a paradigm shift that may feel out of their comfort zone.  They will need and receive training and support to be prepared for the transition and successfully take your practice where you want it to be.