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UCR Fee Analysis & Fee Negotiations

The purpose of this service to increase the provider's insurance reimbursement for frequently performed procedures, increase reimbursement from self-pay patients, and update insurance fee schedules in your dental software to facilitate estimations of treatment plans and patient's responsibility for treatment so that it can be collected at time of service.

1. Fee Utilization. We evaluate what procedures and fees are used most frequently in your practice.

2. Fee Analysis. We research how your UCR fees compare against the providers in your demographic area. Then we recommend whether adjustment of your fees is indicated and provide you with revenue projections based on your current utilization of those fees.

3. Fee Negotiation. Next, we go to the insurance carriers that you are in network with and negotiate the allowable fees. We propose to the carriers a fee schedule custom to your practice. Delta Dental and Metlife DO NOT negotiate fee schedules with general Dentists, but may negotiate fees with specialists.

4. Update Insurance Fees. Finally, we obtain and update the dental software with the new insurance fee schedules. Once the fees are entered, estimations of treatment plans are more accurate, and patients are informed what their responsibility for treatment is. As a result, collection at time of service is more reliable, cash flow improves, and accounts receivable decreases.

Service Fee:

$3,000 Per Provider