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Dental Claims Cleanup® Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is DCC HIPAA compliant?

We abide by the Federal Law set forth for secure server remote access and will configure your system to make sure that when our team accesses your server, it is HIPAA compliant. Our team is HIPAA trained and our computer tech support specializes in HIPAA compliance to support our technology.

2. Which dental software do you work with?

We work with all dental softwares. The billing systems are the same across all the dental softwares. Our account specialists work closely with software support. We call on behalf of our clients, therefore, it is imperative that you have software support.

3. How does DCC billing compare to the medical billing service companies? 

 Medical billing companies take usually 6% of resolved payments per month. We feel that this is a high percentage to take away from the Dentist. We understand the small business operation and roles of the team and want to be equivalent in service fee to one full-time employee currently handling the accounts receivable, but not getting the results of the Dentist.

4. How do I know if your team is truly working hard to get payments when you get paid a monthly fee and not on a percentage of claims resolved?

We charge a monthly service fee, however our team has set goals and gets paid on productivity motivating them to work hard for you.

5. Do Dentists actually hire out dental billing?

Dental billing is common in franchised dental service organizations (DSOs). Dentists that do not want to deal with billing, or are unsure of the financial management of their business, buy into franchises where there is centralized billing. The downside is that Dentists must abide by the franchises' systems. Now the service is available outside of the franchise practice model. We help Dentists run their own practice, as they always did, but take away the headache of getting paid for their services by operating in the background efficiently and accurately. This results in speedy payment.

Dr. Dorothy Kassab

DCC President, CEO

Brooke Carroll