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Effective Dental Billing

Dental Claims Cleanup®, LLC experience, expertise, excellence

Training Dental Billing and Office Consulting

Training for:

Dental Office Managers

Dentists CEO

DSO Executives

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Dental Office Manager Training and Dentist CEO Training

We are committed to helping Dentists and their teams with their business administration and dental office operation. Our training provides proven systems in dental office operations that can be implemented in ALL business models. Our training programs can be online, at your location, or at our affiliate location. We understand that offices come from various levels of experience and have different individual needs. We listen to our clients and design training sessions to meet their specific needs. To discover your struggles and create a session for your specific needs, we can perform a practice analysis ($450) before your training or we will have a thorough discovery session with the administration team. We can cater to your specific struggles in the following areas, but not limited to:

1. dental accounting

2. an understanding of getting paid for dental services

3. office efficiency, productivity in a dental office, and tracking systems

4. dental office operations and business management systems and protocols-we provide you with all the forms necessary to operate a dental office business

5. communication with patients and intra-office

6. technology for business office and clinical team


1. DCC on-site at your location, $1,500/day

2. Your employee at DCC's affiliate location: employee $500/day, Dentist $1000/day (Syracuse, NY or Chicago, IL)

3. On-line with DCC via Teamviewer, $500 1/2 day. Watch us work as we explain how we do it. We work right in your system, on your patients, with over-the-shoulder instructions, or we can do an on-line seminar specifically for your team.

Training Session Agenda

You will be provided with a training manual, which includes all the forms of the systems and protocols, ready for immediate implementation when you get home. 

DAY 1: At DCC's PPO Affiliate Location (Syracuse NY)-live observation in a dental office of effective systems and protocols

1. Establishing a practice Vision and Goal

2. Maximizing a PPO Practice in action

  1.  The AM huddle: effective huddle elements needed: previous day review-tracking sheets, today's review: goals, collection, production, treatment, emergencies, financials, health histories
  2. New patient Phone Call: Call Sheet, Benefits Verification, Registration Sheets
  3.  Templated scheduling
  4. Goal oriented scheduling
  5.  Hygiene: accelerated hygiene program, treatment planning, financials, benefits verification, pre-payments, scheduling, confirmations, hygiene reactivation
  6.  Unscheduled treatment calls reports

3. Dental Billings Management: Dental Claims Cleanup Location

  1. Weekly reports
  2. Tracking your numbers and managing by statistics: effective dental billing program:

A. Claims Management (claim submission, claim follow-up, claim correction) is a job that needs to be performed every day.

a) Are your claims submitted at the end of every business day?

b) Does your team have at least 2 solid hours to follow-up on unresolved claims per day?

B. Account Receivable volume aging over 30 days: AR reports need to be run weekly. Industry standard is no more than $5,000 in over 30 days total unresolved claims and $3,000 in unpaid patient balances over 30 days for every 80,000 of monthly production. Carve out 1 hour per week to meet with the person doing your dental billing. Your team should have reports for you: a) status on ALL unresolved claims over 30 days, b) amount of unresolved claims over 30 days, c) amount of unpaid patient balances over 30 days. Keep the reports from week to week. Expect insurance payments in 3 weeks. Expect patient payments in 1 month.

a) Is your total accounts receivable over 30 days less than $10,000 for every $80,000 gross production?

C. Patient Balances: Patient co-pays MUST be collected at time of service or NO service is performed

a) Does your team collect the patient’s portion at time of service?

b) Are your total overdue patients’ balances, over 30 days, less than $10,000?

D. Insurance Verification is done 3 days prior for ALL hygiene patients. All new patients and emergency patients are verified and setup as they make the appointments. Use a benefits verification sheet to obtain plan specific clauses that match your frequent procedures. Correct plan setup is a must and the team should be trained in this area. Use an electronic verification service that, with a click of a button, verifies patients from the schedule. It will not necessarily tell you plan breakdown, but it will tell you they have active coverage.

a) Does your team perform benefits verifications and draft treatment estimates based on verifications so they can collect the correct amount at time of service?

E. Accounting: When EOBs are entered and there is a remaining balance, call the patient after you enter the insurance check payment, and ask to resolve the balance over the phone with a credit card. If you do not reach the patient send a statement. Statements should be going out daily and at least once per week.

a) Does your office enter ALL the EOBs and ETFs, for that day, same day?

b) Does your office send statements at least once per week?

E. Financial Agreements and Treatment Estimates: Sound financial agreements must be drafted, signed by patients, and retained so that clear patient responsibility that was discussed prior to procedure is documented. The amounts to be collected, at time of service, should be reviewed with the team in the morning huddle and reviewed the following day to make sure it was actually collected. Review with the team reasons why the money was not collected. This accountability help keep employees motivated to collect at time of service.

a) Do all of your patients, regardless of amount, have a signed financial agreement, and are they clear what their portion is at time of service?

F. Hygiene Reactivation: A full hygiene schedule ensures a full doctor’s schedule. Hygiene reactivation is a daily task. The goal is to call at least 30 patients per day, speak to at least 4, and schedule at least 4 for a single provider operation. The schedule is dynamic and must be worked every day to fill last minute openings. Unfilled appointments is money that can never be recovered.

a) Does your team work on hygiene reactivation daily?

b) Does your team track their efforts?

c) Does your team fill last minute openings successful

DAY 2: Building a Fee-For-Service Practice or Building and Growing Your DSO Successfully

(at DCC's Fee-For-Service Location or DCC's dental billing corporate office)

1. new patient experience

2. case presentations

3. financial presentation

4. internal marketing

5. in-house dental benefit program

6. comprehensive examination: the 5 screenings to build value

7. Periodontal Treatment Program

8. Technology in Dentistry to be efficient and make more money

9. Specialty services and what they can do for your practice

10. charting

11. Theft prevention

12. Closing out the day, checks and balances

13. Incorporating an associate

14. CODE BLUE-emergency protocol at a dental office

DAY 3: At DCC's home office: 
CEO of a dental business operation

-job descriptions

-train, trust, let go

-manage by statistics

-effective meetings

-management monitors


-budgets, expenses, accounting