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Appointment Pre-Booking Interview

Posted on October 19, 2015 at 11:30 AM

So here is a concept that might be new to you- "Appointment Pre-Booking Interview". This is a series of questions from your scheduling coordinator to our patients to discover if they truly should be given an appointment. What we have found is that the no shows kill practices and the financial burden that they place on the practice is unacceptable. So we researched what are the top 4 reasons that effect a patient showing up for their appointment. Research showed that they sequence from highest frequency as follows:

1. Value

2. Time

3. Fear and

4. Financial.

In response to this we developed a series of questions that the team can ask. If, and only if, the patient answers YES to all do they go into the appointment book. As the team learns this concept the sheet goes away and they can make a decision whether or not the patient should be given an appointment. Here is the link from our website

In addition remember that we recommend 1/3 down of patient's portion for large procedures to be placed in the appointment book and 3% or 5% discount for total pre-payment.

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